New from Chartboost: Smarter Interstitials

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November 21, 2013


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Today we're excited to release a new, smarter creatives system that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions to provide the best possible player experience. As part of the upgrade, we?ve also redesigned the interface for adding & editing App Settings, Frames, Creatives and More Apps.

We analyzed the new devices available today and redesigned our system to support them with the fewest number of required creatives. ?By providing just 6 new resolutions (3 landscape + 3 portrait), the new system automatically converts the creatives so that they will fit any iOS and a vast majority of Android devices like a glove. ?The new system also supports high resolution graphics for Retina displays and other devices with high pixel density.

Initial advertisers have seen solid increases in click through rate so we strongly encourage all advertisers to upload the new sizes to complement their existing campaigns. ?The below video provides an overview of the creatives system and how to get started.

We?ve also upgraded custom frames to accept the new creatives sizes, so developers utilizing frames should visit the App Edit page to upload them.

Check out the new creatives system by clicking Add App from the dashboard or selecting an existing app to edit it. For detailed specifications, download the one-page PDF Creatives Guidelines and Frames Guidelines or visit our Help Site. And as always, drop us a line at with any questions.

Android developers with publishing campaigns need to install the SDK version 3.4. in order to show the enhanced creatives in their game. Download and integrate it today to improve your performance this holiday season!