New for Direct Deals - Edit Notifications

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August 7, 2014


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Advertisers and Publishers who connect via Direct Deals enjoy the ability to negotiate agreements directly (cutting out the middle-man) and keep 100% of the revenue generated. We?re making it easier than ever to negotiate with Edit Notifications. These notifications make it simple to stay aware of changes with your Direct Deal partner as they take place always keeping you in the loop. Ultimately, it enhances transparency in the deal by ensuring that all parties are aware of changes as they happen.You?ll get an Edit Notification email every time your partner updates one of the following items:

  • Bids Budgets
  • Campaign Names
  • Campaign Start & End Times
  • Countries
  • Creative Allocations
  • Included & Excluded Devices
  • Min & Max OS version
  • Publishing Apps
  • Wifi Targeting (iOS only)

The email will include details on what has changed and how it was set prior to this change. It will also include a direct link to the campaign in your Dashboard, allowing you to quickly view the changes and assess them for approval.Here?s an example of what it looks like:

?These notifications are available today to everyone using Direct Deals on Chartboost.