New Dashboard: Manage Mobile Gaming Campaigns More Efficiently

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January 21, 2015


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Cori Savaiano is a product manager at Chartboost.The Chartboost dashboard you know and love is now cleaner, smarter and more efficient. Now you can manage your mobile marketing and monetization campaigns faster and more easily in the visually overhauled dashboard, leaving you more time to focus on what?s most important--creating awesome mobile games. the Dashboard NowBeauty in Simplicity: Track Campaign Effectiveness and ROI Even FasterWe put a tremendous amount of thought and diligence into the overall design of the updated dashboard to help maximize efficiency. We?ve streamlined the navigation flow across the board as well. Core navigation within the dashboard stems from the App Switcher in the upper left corner (above). Once you select an app--or all apps--you can fully customize your advertising or publishing campaigns across iOS, Android and Amazon, track campaigns with our free analytics to find high-value users and generate more app advertising revenue, and access all other app settings.

Add an App or Campaign with EaseAdding an app or campaign is easier than ever in the updated dashboard. In a cinch, you can add an app to your Chartboost account or add a campaign, including Network Advertising, Network Publishing, Direct Deal or Cross Promotion.

Intuitively Manage Advertising Campaign AssetsWe also overhauled where you upload creatives for your mobile advertising campaigns. Get your user acquisition campaigns running in no time by uploading your creative set(s) inside the Advertising Campaign Edit page (above). Any creatives added to one campaign for an app are automatically available when you create additional campaigns for the same app. On top of that, you can allocate traffic among multiple creatives.

We?ve only scratched the surface filling you in on all of the improvements in the Chartboost dashboard. We invite everyone to take the updated dashboard for a spin--you?re in for a treat. Not ready for change? You can switch back to the previous dashboard for just one week. Who knows, you may want to make the transition faster than you think.Do you have feedback for us? We would love to hear your thoughts. Send us your feedback via the Feedback button in the lower right of the dashboard. Stay tuned to the Chartboost Blog for the latest on mobile game monetization and user acquisition.Explore the Dashboard Now