New Chartboost Ad Template CTAs Now Localize to User?s Native Language

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September 21, 2017


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Mobile video growth is going global. Keep it localized with new Chartboost Ad Templates!

Mobile devices are extremely personal to us; from banking to grocery shopping to playing games we expect a tailored experience whenever we interact with our phones. If you?re playing a game in Spanish and watch an interstitial video ad in Spanish, you expect that call to action button in the end to also be in Spanish. That?s just a good experience.Today, we?re excited to share a new video ad format that automatically localizes ad templates, including text and call-to-action buttons, to the device language stored on a user?s phone.

Mobile App Store Forecast Annual Revenue via

Source: The App Economy Forecast 2017, App AnnieGlobal app store downloads across iTunes, Google Play, and third-party Android stores is expected to grow at an annual rate of 19% in 2021, while global spend is set to reach $139.1 billion in 2021.From what we know of game development, localization is key and app downloads increased with 128% after introducing localized translations.

Mobile Video Ad Localization via

Video ad templates will now localize to the user?s preferred language, lowering the barrier from viewing a video ad to completing the action. The latest video ad template design supports the same languages available in the Chartboost dashboard:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • English

The new video ad templates with localized CTAs and text are supported in network advertising campaigns, cross-promotion campaigns, and direct deal campaigns.

Want to get started with localized ads?

As an advertiser, your ads are already supported by localized ad templates. Go ahead and give it a try here.If you?re a publisher looking to increase your revenue and enhance your ad experience, take advantage of the latest SDK 7 updates here.The Chartboost team is always experimenting with new ways to deliver compelling video ads that drive quality traffic and encourage users to take action. Didn?t catch the last video creative update? Learn how vertical video ad creatives increased IPM by 30%.