Network CPIs Flat in March

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April 2, 2014


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In March, we saw relatively steady overall CPIs for both the iOS (-2.1%) and Google Play (+2.2%) platforms on the Chartboost Network. This is typically what we see post-January as mobile game usage stabilizes from the end of Winter to early Spring.

Network CPIs Flat in March

For iOS, the iPad was the only device that increased in average CPI by topping $2, which takes it back up to January and even Q4 '13 prices. This uptick was driven by increases in the UK and CAN, where the average CPI grew 19% to $2.85 and 27% to $2.88, respectively. We saw smaller growth in the U.S., with the average CPI bid for iPad increasing from $2.67 to $2.72.For Google Play, while overall CPI grew by only 2%, there were noticeable changes in some English-speaking countries. Average U.S. CPI bids rose by 20% to $1.36, in the UK they rose 12.6% to $1.07, and in CAN bids rose 50% to $1.77.For Amazon, CPIs saw great growth (+30%). While a smaller sample set results in increased volatility, it is worth noting that Amazon CPIs have been continuing its upward trend in 2014.To see additional CPI figures with more country details, check out our Insights Page.As always, the shared CPI figures are averages from our Network and should be used for guidance only. If you have any questions or suggestions on future insights, please e-mail