How NetEase Leveraged Influencer Marketing

User Acquisition

November 6, 2017


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In the gaming world, the PC vs console battle is a tale as old as time. Mobile doesn?t get brought into the mix - unless you?re NetEase tapping into a new UA channel of engagement. When NetEase launched Eternal Arena they were looking to get in front of gamers who were already engaged and most likely to enjoy a new battle arena game. Working with Chartboost Influence, NetEase leveraged top YouTube influencers to develop a presence in a strong gaming community that resulted in high awareness and organic adoption.

Finding the right online influencers

For any influencer campaign, it?s key to identify the audience you want to reach first then the influencers who can help you get there. For Eternal Arena, a mobile multiple online battle arena game, there aren?t many online communities that already play this genre. But working with Chartboost Influence team and network of YouTube personalities, they saw an opportunity with a similar PC community. The assumption was if you love playing online battle arena games at home, you?ll love to continue playing on mobile when you?re out of the house.Enter, BroFresco, one of the largest League of Legends YouTube influencer and his fellow influencer friend LoZo. It was the perfect fit to showcase engaging gameplay in a 3 vs 3 battle.

?Chartboost Influence was able to connect us with entertaining and engaging influencers to create an authentic experience which shows well in the videos.? - Jeanne Dyer | Director of Marketing, NetEase

Driving engagement across over 1M subscribers

When working with Chartboost, it?s a partnership in connecting the sponsor?s needs to the campaign while allowing the influencer to create engaging content that resonates with their audience. BroFresco created a series of fully dedicated live game play videos for Eternal Arena that featured a variety of other gamers and promoted across multiple channels, all showcasing his genuine personality and industry wit. The result - 5 videos that resonated deeply with his 1.1 million subscriber base driving nearly 1 million views on YouTube.In this video below, you?ll see BroFresco playing with his regular gaming teammates and housemates, making it a pretty fun live gaming event: also connected BroFresco to the top professional Eternal Arena players for a battle of PC vs Mobile gamers. This special edition was an incredible bridge between two communities that showcased specifically how the usual PC gamers could really enjoy Eternal Arena on mobile.

Brand awareness with increased installs

With a dedicated video series based on a flat fee campaign, NetEase executed a successful influencer marketing campaign that drove significant brand awareness in previously un-engaged community.For NetEase, the key performance indicators included channel engagement and positive community feedback to direct installs and organic uplift. Their influencer marketing campaign rounded out a strategic brand awareness initiative that in the end outperformed their goals.If you?re ready to launch an influencer marketing campaign for your game, visit to get started.