Introducing Multiple Target Support for Direct Deals

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April 16, 2015


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At Chartboost, we?re constantly seeking new ways to improve your experience. Below, we?ll walk you through a couple new updates we just rolled out for Direct Deals and Test Mode. Let?s dive in.

Send and Approve Direct Deal Campaigns with Multiple Targets

Beginning today, we?re simplifying the process of sending and approving Direct Deal campaigns. Now live in the Direct Deal Campaign Edit Page is the option for a mobile game advertiser to create multiple targets for a single campaign to send for approval to a publisher. By adding this new functionality, both advertisers and publishers will have fewer Direct Deal campaigns to manage.[caption id="attachment_6562" align="aligncenter" width="423"]

Add multiple targets in a Direct Deal campaign within the Chartboost dashboard

Add multiple targets in a Direct Deal campaign within the Chartboost dashboard[/caption]How It WorksIf you?re an advertiser:

  • Go to your Direct Deal Campaign Edit Page.
  • Under the Campaign Targeting section, click the Add New Target tab.
  • Configure the target by creative, country, region, OS version, device, budget or bid.
  • Click Save and you?re done (the campaign is automatically sent to the publisher for approval).

If you?re a publisher:

  • Associate the game (or games) that you want publishing ads, then approve the Direct Deal campaign.

Automatically Disable Test Mode

Mobile game developers want to test serving static or mobile video ads in their games without setting up a publishing campaign. To make it easier for publishers to verify their Chartboost integration with Test Mode, we?ve added the ability to specify a shutdown time that will automatically disable Test Mode once the designated time runs out. This new process ensures publishers can safely test their Chartboost integration.[caption id="attachment_6564" align="alignnone" width="900"]

est Mode in Basic Settings of the Chartboost dashboard

Test Mode in Basic Settings of the Chartboost dashboard[/caption]How It Works

  • Head to your game?s App Settings page.
  • For new games: click Add App in the lower left corner of the dashboard.
  • For existing games: use the App Switcher in the upper left corner of the dashboard to select a game, then click Basic Settings in the left side of the navigation menu.
  • Under the Test Mode section, toggle the radio button to Enabled and specify a shutdown time (maximum of 2 days).
  • Click Save to initiate the shutdown time.
  • When the shutdown time expires, Test Mode will automatically disable (or you can manually turn off Test Mode by toggling the radio button from ?Enabled? to ?Disabled?).

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