MoreApps Makeover With SDK 4.4

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May 16, 2014


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MoreApps empowers you to publish ads for other games to earn more revenue or cross-promote your own titles - all without sending players away from your game.


Today, we?re excited to announce an updated SDK 4.4 for iOS (coming soon on Android) that will give you access to the new and improved MoreApps, which will include:

Customized headers & close buttons: With every tool, we want to provide you with the ability to make it match the look and feel of your game. Upload your own image or simply change colors of the header straight from your Dashboard.

Native player experience: No more detours - the new MoreApps lets players install promoted titles without having to leave the game after installing the app. Instead of redirecting them out of the game, they stay right where they?re supposed to be - in your game.

App description: Advertisers can add descriptions for their games to provide more context for players discovering the game for the first time.

Robust tracking & analytics: We?ve added Ad Type to our Dashboard analytics so you can track and optimize the campaigns that are displayed in your MoreApps.

Auto-fill or pick & choose each campaign: Simply check ?Autofill? to get MoreApps up and running with Network campaigns or hand pick which apps and campaigns you want to show.

If you?re launching a new game or updating an existing one, make sure you integrate SDK 4.4 for iOS to use the new and improved MoreApps. We?ll let you know as soon as it?s available for Android.Check out our Help Site for further details or drop us a line at if you have any questions.