Monetization Category Benchmark: Social Casino Apps



August 29, 2019


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Social casino games have enjoyed fantastic growth in recent years. Top titles in this category, such as POP! Slots, Slotomania or Tycoon Casino, have been downloaded well over 100 million times, and their user-bases are steadily climbing every month.The excitement of playing against the odds, the quick strategic decisions some of these games require, or their sharing and social aspects, have made social casino one of the most lucrative but also competitive categories to be in. According to Apptopia, Social Casino was the #2 highest lucrative genre on Google Play and #6 on iOS within games in August 2019.Within the gaming category casino, there are several sub-categories such as slots, bingo, blackjack, and poker. At Chartboost, we are honored to power a lot of social casino games, especially slots apps. Slots games can get extremely high eCPMs due to the high install rates that the players drive.?For this benchmark, we dug into some monetization performance metrics from Q2 2019 and are excited to share them below.

Impressions versus Revenue by Placement

Rewarded ads only drive 34% of the global impressions in social casino games but they drive over 67% of revenue for casino publishers.?

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Top countries by average eCPM

We looked at the top countries by eCPM for casino publishers, not surprisingly the top 3 are English speaking countries. In all cases, the average eCPM for this category is 50% higher than the average for the country.Certain sub-categories within social casino can have higher versus lower eCPMs depending if it?s slots, bingo, blackjack, solitaire or poker for example.

Platform by average eCPM

We also looked into eCPM for casino publishers by platform, where Amazon app store provides the second highest eCPM after Apple store at $11.8. eCPM from Apple store is more than double of that at $27.3 and Google Play at about half of that at $5.8.?

If you are a social casino game developer and isn?t monetizing with us currently, I hope this benchmark convince you to start monetizing with us! A few things we can offer you are:1/ A huge pool of advertisers who are always looking for high-quality social casino inventory and who are ready to pay for it.?2/ The opportunity of monetizing (more) on AmazonApp Store. The high performing eCPMs say it all. Watch this video with our customer Xie Feng, Co-Founder of who are both doing UA and monetization with us on Amazon App Store.3/ Our team is ready to work with you to share best-practice for social casino apps as well as way to optimize revenue on our platform. Be in touch at