Mobile Programmatically: In-App Opportunities for Brands

Insights & Best Practices

May 4, 2018


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Chartboost recently had the privilege of hosting leading mobile ad tech companies at our office! Our first annual Mobile Programmatically event brought together powerful speakers to share insights about the mobile programmatic advertising landscape and in-app opportunities for brands. In case you missed it, here?s a recap and the recordings of the talks.

Keynote: The size and value of in-app audiences

Where are marketers sending data in the mobile ecosystem? And from where are mobile marketers getting their data? David Popkin, Head of Data Strategy & Brands at LiveRamp, discussed how to optimize the customer journey ?from A to B to C to $? through people-based, contextual marketing that relies on brand-relevant touchpoints and solid identifiers.Popkin highlighted how, despite the Facebook-Google duopoly, proper people-based marketing can still generate impressive returns. Popkin also covered mobile game adoption in relation to the growing number of marketing channels, and how third-party data is breaking the stereotypical image of mobile gamers.Watch the whole video:

1st Panel: Dissecting the in-app opportunities for brand marketers

Led by Chartboost?s Head of Content Development, Elena Nizhnik, the panel ? comprised of Peter Hamilton, CEO at Tune; James Peng, User Acquisition Consultant; and Guillaume McIntyre, Head of Digital Marketing, Instacart ? discussed the evolution of the programmatic ecosystem, what to look for in a DSP, and which KPIs will become the golden standard.The group also delved into performance user acquisition ? traditionally spearheaded by mobile games ? and which acquisition tactics other verticals can learn from mobile gaming. Also covered were the reliability of first-party versus third-party data, the value of sharing data, and how to deal with fraud in the rapidly-changing era of mobile attribution.Watch the whole video:

2nd Panel: Programmatic ad tech landscape trends in 2018

What do top mobile minds predict for this year? Join Matt Schmidt, RVP, Agency Development at SpotX; Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer at theTradeDesk; Todd Tran, Chief Strategy Officer at Teads; James Murphy, VP of Programmatic at RhythmOne; and Jay Seideman, SVP Advertiser Demand Platforms at Oath, as they gathered on stage to discuss what?s in store for mobile in 2018.Predictions included how in-app inventory will creep out of its isolated silo and penetrate broader audiences, the transformation of pricing models, and the future of identifiers. The speakers also discussed high-quality, immersive ad content and how more in-app spend correlates to more LTV customers.Watch the video here: