Interstitial: Why This Ad Format Continues to Drive Value


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December 13, 2017


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Long gone are the days when interstitials were synonymous with static pop-ups at bootup. The former methods of implementing interstitial ads drove huge volumes to advertisers who were eager to gain new audiences and climb the app store charts. But today, the dynamics of mobile advertising are completely different. Advertisers and publishers alike now prioritize quality over quantity. In other words, success is not measured solely with impression volumes but also with eCPMs (for publishers) and ARPU (for advertisers).This trend led us to highly engaging formats such as rewarded placements, capturing the deserved attention from many in the industry. While game developers and publishers focus their time and budget here, they should not forget about the value of our old friend the interstitial. This format isn?t going anywhere just yet, and I?d like to share with you why it might be resuscitated in 2018.

Interstitial placements are in your control

Publishers have the tools to unlock new placements and segment their funnel to create the best gameplay and advertising experience. Remember: we are after quality, not quantity! And we all know that implementing advertising placements in your game can?t be an afterthought. Advertising placements need to be tied to the gameplay experience and the expected behavior of players.This is why we?ve seen a surge in the number and types of interstitial ad locations, from the traditional home screen to achievement or in-app store pages. Performance varies significantly, but you can hone in on what works for your games. Below, you can find some examples based on installs per 1000 impressions (IPM):Learn more about how to set up different ad locations in your mobile game here.

Mobile interstitial is more than just static

Interstitial is no longer limited to a static image. In the last two years, we?ve seen the biggest game developers have embrace video and run it alongside static interstitial placements. The growth of mobile video ads continues to generate new, engaging experiences. In tandem, publishers are getting a triple-fold increase in eCPMs, driving more earnings with less impressions.It doesn?t stop at video.Don?t forget about rich media interstitials like cinemagraphs and animated GIFs.These formats are reinvigorating the static interstitial inventory with simple but entertaining ad units that achieve higher CTRs.

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The most exciting interstitial to consider is the playable ad. Gaining steam last year, this format will take over in 2018. Users can basically play a free demo before heading to the app store to download the game. They have a fun and engaging experience, and publishers get a solid return. Results from Chartboost?s playable campaigns are driving up to 60% eCPM growth compared to static images ? and that is serious growth you don?t want to miss out on!

The value of interstitial ads in 2018

To truly drive top eCPM for your games, you need to discover what performs best with your players. That?s why you can?t overlook the value of interstitial ads next year. There are too many powerful placements that could make this your best growth year yet.AAt Chartboost, we believe in a unified interstitial placement where all of these different engaging ad formats co-exist, generating the most immersive experiences and driving the top revenue growth for publishers. If you spend time on relevant placements for the best experience, Chartboost will take care of the rest. This dynamic and powerful optimization is all possible with our latest Webview-powered SDK. Download the Chartboost SDK here.