January 2015 CPI Data: See How Average Mobile Game CPI Bids Have Evolved Y-o-Y


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February 11, 2015


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Now that the mobile gaming market is another year older, another year wiser, and another year more mature, we traveled back in time to compare how mobile game CPI bids have evolved year-over-year from January 2014 to January 2015.Average CPI by Device, January 2014 & January 2015

Many mobile game developers would expect the average cost per install to significantly increase as the mobile gaming market matures. While mobile game CPI bids did in fact increase over the course of 2014, the cost to acquire players in January 2015 were similar to costs in January 2014--with Amazon as the one outlier.When comparing year-over-year mobile game CPI data, we saw average cost per install bids rise by 7 percent on Google Play, 5 percent on iPad, 11 percent on iPhone, 1 percent on iPod and 101 percent on Amazon.The combination of the mobile game CPI bid trends for both iOS and Google Play as well as the continued growth of developer payouts from the Apple App Store and Google Play indicate that there?s plenty of opportunity to cost-effectively find new players and build a profitable mobile games business.The average mobile game bid increase on Amazon revealed that the appetite for advertisers to find users on Amazon is higher than ever. Accordingly, developers have the opportunity to monetize their mobile game traffic on Amazon.For a complete country-by-country breakdown of mobile game CPI prices across all devices in January 2015, check out Chartboost Insights.And subscribe to our blog here to be alerted when there?s new mobile game user acquisition articles and much more.