Improve Your Mobile Game Ads Performance with Android Tablet Targeting


February 6, 2015


min read

We just made it even easier for you to optimize your mobile game advertising campaigns. Now, you can effortlessly target Android tablet as a single group to help improve your mobile ads performance.Simply type ?Android Tablet? in the Target by Device section of the Campaign Edit page (as seen above) to target or exclude the group from either an advertiser or publisher campaign.Advertisers will benefit from the improved delivery of their Android tablet-optimized mobile game ads, while publishers can arrange for their campaigns to provide an ideal Android tablet experience for advertisers.We?ll ensure that the group of devices constituting Android tablet will remain up-to-date, so you?ll never have to have to worry.Stay up to date on Android tablet and smartphone trends by traffic and monetization levels, which will help guide you in optimizing your campaigns for success, in our latest Chartboost Power-Up Report.Also, subscribe to our blog to get future product updates as well as to learn more about the business of mobile gaming.