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March 9, 2013


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As we get closer to the first ever Chartboost University: Boot Camp, which kicks off next Tuesday, March 12, we thought it?d be a good idea to fill everyone in on exactly who will be attending. While we already posted a quick peek at the participants, we thought it was only fair to profile each of the seven developers. So, in the three days left until we?re joined by our international comrades, you?ll be treated to one interview per day. We hope you enjoy them!

We?re posting these in reverse alphabetical order, which makes Esquilax Games next up on the chopping block. Wish them luck!


Chartboost: How and when did you know you wanted to be a game developer?

Daniel, Software Engineer, Esquilax Games: When I first saw the iPhone I though it was a great platform for videogames. I knew I wanted to develop my first videogame, taking advantage of the touchscreen and accelerometer.

Guillermo, Software Engineer, Esquilax Games: When I started to learn about programming I became curious about how all this knowledge was used to produce the videogames I always played. I started to do some research and was so fascinated that I decided this was what I wanted to do for a living.

Javier, Software Engineer, Esquilax Games:When publishers started to support small teams and indie developers I realized that it was feasible for me to create videogames.


An in-game shot from Esquilax Games’ upcoming new Game Mode on Climber Brothers

Chartboost: How did your team first meet each other?

Javier and Guillermo are brothers, and the met Javier at the first year of University.

How did you come up with your company name?

We were inspired by a Simpsons gag. We have always been huge fans of the Simpsons series (only the old ones).

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What is your favorite aspect of building games?

Daniel: Being creative is my favorite aspect. We can think all kind of crazy ideas and make them possible in a videogame.

Guillermo: Finding ways of transforming ideas into programming code.

Javier: The brainstorming sessions when new ideas are put on the table in the first weeks of development.


An in-game shot from their new project, Codename: The World Runner

What is your favorite mobile game right now?

Daniel: Death Rally

Guillermo: Zenonia Series

Javier: Subway Surfers

What is your favorite classic game?

Daniel: Super Mario Brothers

Guillermo: Metal Gear Solid

Javier: Monkey Island 3

What do you think the future of gaming will entail?

Ruben:We think that the interaction between the videogame and the player will be more natural over the time. We also think that the industry will be directed by a big amount of small teams and indie developers, because they are more flexible and able to try new radical concepts.

What do you hope to gain from our Boot Camp?

Ruben: We hope to meet new people related to the industry and see with our own eyes how a big and successful videogame company works. Also we hope to learn about marketing and all the other stuff that make a game succeed.

Check back in tomorrow for our next Boot Camp developer profile. Be sure to hit us up on Twitter @Chartboost.