London Roadshow: Top Tips on Publishing, Mediation, and Mobile Game Development


June 22, 2015


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Indie Publishers, mediation, predictive analytics, and mobile games used to fund feature films - and here you were thinking London was only Beatles, Bobbies, and Big ol? Bridges. London is the home of all-star game developer studios such as Outfit7, Stick Sports, Miniclip, Media Molecule, Lionhead, Playfish and numerous others, so it seemed like a great place to start the European Roadshow. grabbing a few of London?s choice Bitters to drink, we headed over to listen to our friend, Hector Almeida to listen to his tips on Mediation. For those just getting started with Ad Platforms, ?mediation? is a tool used to manage multiple ad networks in your game, dynamically choosing the network with the best performance to make you the most money. made some great points, a few of which were:Transparency:?It is important to know exactly how much money and fill an ad network can deliver for a given user. A high paying impression is useless to the publisher if there aren?t enough advertisers to fill supply. Chartboost works with mediators like Fyber to help guarantee that you always know the rates and availability of an ad-unit, reducing the headache of managing networks.Optimization:?Knowing is only half the battle, so dynamic optimization is the other component to a quality mediator. This way, you can pick ad networks when they are at their strongest (such as having high paying ads in particular regions) and revert to lower paying networks when you simply need to fill the ad-space. It?s a great way to get the best of both worlds.IAP:?Did you know that Rewarded video can boost IAP purchases? This was a huge surprise to me too, but it makes sense because the two monetization methods work in tandem to increase the perceived value of your virtual goods. Plus, it helps reluctant spenders ?try? a purchase before busting out the credit card. tips, Hector! If you want to know more about Chartboost?s publishing solutions, check out our friendly Answers Page.Before the night ended, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing developer named Frahaan Hussain. He?s been hard at work making not just games, but an entire educational platform devoted to teaching other budding developers tricks for integrating Chartboost into their Cocos2d Games.

Frahaan and his colleague at Sonar Systems started out making games like Glo Breaker but later expanded their business to publish games from fellow indies. When they noticed that many first time developers had trouble integrating ad-networks, they set out to make a ?Cocos Helper? that eases the process of integrating.They?re now working hand-in-hand with Chukong, the creator of Cocos2d (and one of our key partners in Asia) to construct a game development educational platform that is open to all developers to add to and improve. Great work guys!Well, that?s it for London.Cheerio,Nate