Know Your Reach with Audience Size Indicator

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February 24, 2014


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We?re always thinking of ways to provide greater transparency into your campaigns. That?s why today, we?re excited to roll out our Audience Size Indicator (ASI). ASI processes billions of user sessions in real-time to help you understand the potential reach of your Network Advertising campaigns according to the specific targets you set. The benefits?

  • Provides more clarity around the impact of your targeting choices.
  • Gives you visibility into the reach of a particular campaign to allow for increased efficiency.

Check it out here:

Introducing Audience Size Indicator?

  1. Select an app and see the full reach available on the Network.
  2. Play with the various options including app and company filtering, geolocation, device, OS version, and connectivity (for iOS only).
  3. Voila! You can see the estimated reach for your campaigns as you?re setting specific targets.

Another nifty tool in ASI is the shortcut feature where you can click "Details" and be taken to the respective section in Campaign Edit.We believe ASI will help you make better informed decisions, and it?s all available for you now. Log in to any of your existing Network Advertising campaigns to see the estimated reach, or start a new one to check out ASI live and in action!If you have any feedback or specific questions, reach out to your account manager or just e-mail us at