iPhone 5: One Week In


September 29, 2012


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Nate Ahearn ? Marketing Manager

It?s been one week since the man in brown placed a delicious little box weighing no more than a half-pound on my doorstep. I?ve spent the last seven days coddling my new iPhone 5 with every use, being ever-so careful not to scratch or ding the surface. Coming from an iPhone 4, there?s no doubt that this latest Cupertino concoction is a massive step up, but its innards also represent a leap for the mobile games industry in general.

The first thing that struck me about the handset (and this should be no surprise to anyone who?s read one of the many iPhone 5 reviews out there) is its weight and its incredibly slender profile, all while increasing the size of the display. These changes aren?t mind-blowing when considered individually or described on paper, but once you get the device in your hand they come together for something starkly different and wholly impressive.

I?ve heard from several folks that the hardware changes aren?t mind blowing. When there are obelisks acting as Android smartphones on the market, it?s understandable that a bump to four inches won?t turn the heads of many. But consider this: iPhone?s screen size hasn?t changed one iota since it debuted in 2007. In the mobile world, to not have something change for five years isn?t just unheard of; it isn?t done. Period. If the Android marketplace is a violent ocean of twists and turns with new devices coming onboard (and others being tossed over) every week, the iOS world is a serene lake. That is, until the iPhone 5.

In the gaming world the iPhone 5 carries particularly attractive features. The new 16:9 aspect ratio brought by the stretched display means games can deliver wider landscapes akin to console titles and more room for your fingers. The new A6 processor packs an incredible amount of horsepower onto one chip and the LTE speeds are impossible to describe on paper. My home wi-fi wept in the corner when it saw the marks the LTE was setting. Also, multiplayer gaming on the go will get a whole lot easier and the games, well, they?re going to be getting even more comparisons to $60 boxed products. I?ve been spending a good bit of time with Wild Blood (pictured below) from Gameloft and have noticed passersby gawking at the visuals.

The iPhone 5 may look familiar to those who have used iDevices for years, but once people get their hands on it, the difference is clear. Don?t believe me? Here are some thoughts from other Chartboost employees:

Kenneth Ballenegger ? Architect (like in The Matrix)

At first glance, there’s nothing particularly new or better about the iPhone 5. The camera’s improved, but you barely notice it. The new screen feels almost awkward. Give it a few days, however, and the 4S will start to look like the 5’s slightly squattier cousin. Colors are sharper, and the extra real estate makes for a noticeably improved user experience.

The real difference, though, comes as soon as you pick it up and hold it in your hands: you can instantly feel it. The iPhone 5 is noticeably lighter, and the longer profile gives it a much more slender and elegant feel. The aluminum back makes all the difference. Unlike the 4?whose industrial design was a marvel in its own right?the aluminum back feels cool to the touch. It doesn’t pick up grease, or get your hands sweaty.

That, plus it’s ****ing gorgeous.

Travis Beauvais - Software Engineer

It’s fast as hell. The maps suck. Screen size is awesome.

Anish Godhwani - Support Engineer

Ah, the long awaited iPhone 5 has arrived and along with it, some really neat features. The iPhone 5 (along with iOS 6) took an already great product and made it even better. In fact, Apple has given us new features that we didn?t think we needed, but now deeply do (I personally love setting my alarm clock to ?Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go? by Wham). The iPhone 5 continues to do what Apple does best; beat our expectations. This is especially true when it comes to battery life.

Sure, there were quite a few rumors and speculations regarding what the new iPhone 5 would have, but no one could have expected Apple to add so many new power hungry features like LTE, and still hold one of the best battery life ratings out there! The iPhone 5 makes it through an entire day of usage while still delivering all those lovely Facebook poke notifications (does anyone still use the poke feature?). Overall, the iPhone 5 has achieved many great feats, but none as great as delivering a battery life that ?just works.?

(Image Courtesy of Laptop Mag)