iOS 6 Adoption Update

Insights & Best Practices

September 25, 2012


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Last Wednesday we looked at how quickly users in our publisher’s apps had upgraded to iOS6. After just 24 hours, 15% of unique hourly iOS users were on iOS6. Now that it’s been a few days, we wanted to give you an update.

Since Thursday, adoption has grown at a tidy 5% per day. As of yesterday about 30% of our unique daily users were on iOS6, meaning that the proportion of iOS 6 users roughly doubled between Thursday and Sunday.

When we break down Sunday’s traffic by device, the patterns we saw last week are still consistent: iPhone users are the quickest to upgrade, followed by iPad and then iPod Touch users. TechCrunch pointed out on Thurdsay that this adoption is consistent with the number of new features that the update adds to each device family.