15% of iDevices Upgraded to iOS 6 Within 24 Hours

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September 21, 2012


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Here at Chartboost we overloaded our internet connection yesterday at 10am sharp when we all downloaded our iOS 6 upgrades at the same time. We see millions of unique devices in our publisher?s apps every hour, so we decided to dig in and see if other users were as eager to upgrade. Based on our data, we weren?t alone: 24 hours after the updated OS was released, 15% of the iDevices we saw were running iOS 6.

Looking at the breakdown of adoption on different devices from 10-11am this morning, it looks like iPhone owners are the fastest to update.

iPod Touches are the least updated devices and have a much higher proportion of pre-5.0 iOS versions.

Update: TechCrunch covered a report from Chitika showing the same adoption we saw: 15% of devices updated within 24 hours. They note that it took iOS 5 about 5 days to hit 20% adoption, so iOS 6 appears to be on the fast track.

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