iOS 8 Adoption Highest in US, South Korea and Russia


September 23, 2014


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Apple?s latest mobile operating system iOS 8 fell from the tree on September 17, landing in the hands of iOS users worldwide. To get a sense of which countries adopted iOS 8 the most, we collected iOS 8 adoption data from global traffic in the Chartboost Game Network from September 17 to 18. We then identified the top 10 countries that experienced the highest iOS 8 adoption rate (below), with the US, South Korea and Russia leading the way.

In its first 24 hours of release, iOS 8 was adopted the most by iOS gamers in the US. It?s not surprising that the US claimed the top spot, but the trend does emphasize the importance of making sure your game is iOS 8 compatible as soon as possible in one of the most lucrative mobile gaming markets.Right behind the US was South Korea. It?s interesting to see South Korea--a market dominated by Google Play--as the country with the second-highest iOS 8 adoption. In South Korea, iOS plays second fiddle to Google Play. In August 2014, Google Play accounted for 72% of game sessions (below) in the Chartboost Game Network, and iOS for 28% (Amazon?s share was less than 1%). While iOS gamers in South Korea are in the minority, a solid portion of them updated to iOS 8 right after it released.

Russia, a growing market in the Chartboost Game Network for quite some time now, rounded out the top three countries. The velocity of iOS 8 adoption reiterated the strength of the country as a mobile market, and as a country with hungry iOS gamers looking for the latest in mobile technology.Now that over 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets are in the wild with iOS 8 pre-loaded, we expect a rise in iOS 8 adoption.