Introducing the Next Generation of Campaign Editor

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September 26, 2016


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Stanley Jones?is the project lead for Campaign Editor.At Chartboost, our mission is simple: empower developers like you to succeed. With that in mind, we build kick-ass products accordingly.Today, we?re pleased to announce the next generation of Campaign Editor. It?s the Campaign Editor you know and love with the most natural user experience yet.

How we got here

Moving at the speed of startup is in our DNA. But we?re not always going to be perfect. Last year, we redesigned the entire Chartboost dashboard, making it cleaner, smarter and more efficient. Since then, we?ve built and iterated on the dashboard as often as possible. The Chartboost marketplace, however, powers over 300,000 mobile games, so we?ve had to rethink how we develop dashboard features that serve everyone.Over the past few months, we?ve invested in an all-new framework for building dashboard pages in order to improve the Chartboost experience for everyone. This new framework will help us add future dashboard features faster, improve workflows and make Chartboost the most natural experience for you. The new Campaign Editor is the epitome of what we can do on top of this completely new framework.Below, we unpack the changes to Campaign Editor. Let?s dive in!

Create campaigns in 3 easy steps

The first thing that you?ll notice when you open Campaign Editor is an intelligently designed, distraction-free layout. Now creating campaigns is easier than ever.

  • We streamlined all campaign options into three sections : Advanced Settings, Basic Settings and Campaign Targeting.
  • In Basic Settings, you can get a publishing campaign up and running in minutes. Simply give the campaign a name, select an ad type, choose a platform, and pick an app.
  • In Advanced Settings, you can schedule your campaign, rank its priority, and filter out specific apps, companies, devices, and more.
  • We rearranged all campaign-specific targeting options at your disposal into the ABCs of Campaign Targeting?Audience, Bid and Creatives.
Chartboost publishing Campaign Editor mobile game

The best part? The new Campaign Editor displays only the most relevant information for your campaign. Advanced features are neatly tucked away until you need them, freeing you up to make quick changes to your campaign with the ability to dig in further when you?re ready.

Control ad location priority

The word priority says it all. You want to specify which ad locations get the proper prioritization. Publishers rejoice, we?ve made it even easier for you to specify precise ad locations in your app. With one click, you can set a single priority for all ad locations in a campaign. In addition, you can fine-tune any ad location settings by applying a priority for each ad location by app and campaign.

Chartboost Campaign Priority mobile game ad location

Make data-informed decisions with Bid Suggest and Audience Size

We first created Bid Suggest as a gauge for you to bid more effectively and achieve your advertising campaign goals. Our Bid Suggest provides a recommended bid and bid range based on our proprietary algorithm that receives signals from things such as platform, country, historical campaign data, and so much more.We?ve added a batch of new signals from the Chartboost network to the Bid Suggest algorithm to provide you with an even more accurate suggested bid.

Chartboost Audience Size tool mobile game

Bid Suggest isn?t the only tool that received an overhaul. In the name of transparency, we also augmented the power of our Audience Size tool. Now Audience Size will provide you with the number of players you could potentially reach based on your campaign targeting choices.

What?s next for the Chartboost dashboard

With this new framework, the sky?s the limit for developing tools that help you maximize revenue and acquire new players.You?re still here? Don?t delay and start creating campaigns in the new Campaign Editor right now!

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