Introducing latest Chartboost SDK 8+ and SDK Beta Program


Product Updates


August 18, 2020


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We've recently released latest Chartboost SDK iOS 8.2+ and Android 8.1.0 that comes with CCPA support and significant ad performance improvements. These versions are also supported by our latest Unity plugin which is compatible with iOS 9+, Android 5.0+, and Unity 2017 and above.Take advantage of the performance improvements that our new SDK offers such as less battery consumption, fixed network issues, available banner error codes, and enhanced contextual advertising. Our latest SDKs are supported by AdMob, ironSource, MoPub and MAX mediation. Go to the Chartboost help site to download the latest SDK!

Upcoming SDK to support iOS14

We are working on offering SKAdNetwork support in our next iOS SDK 8.3.0 as well as other improvements in preparation for the iOS14 release in September. Make sure you?re subscribed to our newsletter to get updates!

Chartboost SDK Beta Program

Last but not least, we?re very excited to introduce our new Chartboost SDK Beta Program! As part of the program, you get to test new tools and features before they are publicly released. You?ll also get the opportunity to provide feedback directly to the product team at Chartboost. If you?re interested in participating in an early release of our next SDK, sign up to the program here and earn advertising credits to use on the Chartboost platform for each successful beta test!?

Download latest Chartboost SDK 8+ today!

iOS SDK 8.2+ update includes:

  • Added new data consent API with CCPA support.
  • The setMuted: method now works both before and after the SDK is started.
  • Device user agent fields sent in API requests are now always up to date.
  • Prevents unnecessary API requests when SDK is started.
  • Supports enhanced contextual advertising
  • Supported by AdMob, ironSource, MoPub and MAX mediation

Android SDK 8.1.0 update includes:

  • Added new data consent API with CCPA support.
  • Added support for Android 10 (API level 29).
  • Made banner error codes publicly accessible.
  • Improved background and foreground handling to improve performance for the application and reduce battery consumption.
  • Fixed network issues, where SDK recovers from no internet connection to display ads correctly.?
  • Supported by AdMob, ironSource, MoPub and MAX mediation

Update to the latest SDK versions now!