Improve Mobile Game Marketing Decisions With Insights? Category CPI


October 20, 2015


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Whether you?re an indie developer trying to create a sustainable mobile marketing strategy or a diligent mobile game marketer trying to gain an edge, one of your biggest challenges is acquiring engaged players at a profit.For years, Chartboost Insights has provided you with cost per install (CPI) prices in our network by platform and country?revealing the actionable data you need to cost-effectively acquire valuable players.But we never stop improving tools that help you acquire users and generate revenue for your mobile games business.Today, we?re happy to introduce a completely new Chartboost Insights. Transparency is one of the many core values Chartboost was built upon, which is why we?re adding an all-new data variable?category CPI?to help you make deeper tactical decisions with your mobile marketing campaigns.


In addition to the debut of category CPI data, the data visualizations for Chartboost Insights were rebuilt from the ground up. Now you can slice and dice data to your heart?s content by platform, country and category. Best of all, you can export a CSV of raw data.The data for Chartboost Insights, which is an average of CPIs the previous month, comes from over 20 billion game sessions from more than 700 million monthly active gamers across 200,000 games.


Please keep in mind that data from Chartboost Insights should be used for guidance only.See Data