Increase Revenue With a New Video Ad Experience

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March 14, 2016


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At Chartboost, we?re always looking for new ways to empower developers like you to build a successful business. And today, we?re excited to announce our best mobile video ad experience yet as well as something a little special?a 20 percent bonus on video ad revenue.*

Revamped video ad experience

Packed inside Chartboost SDK 6.4 is a new way to watch mobile video ads. We completely rebuilt the beginning, middle and end of the mobile video ad experience from the ground up to deepen the connection between the world?s best advertisers and highly engaged players.In addition, we added a new overlay built to bring out the best in mobile video ads, showcasing a mobile game?s name, icon and star rating to communicate its quality to players.

All-new rich media formats

With a revamped technical infrastructure, SDK 6.4 offers support for animated GIFs, custom advertiser experiences and interactive end cards.

Upgrade to SDK 6.4 now. Get 20% video ad revenue bonus.

To kick off the launch of our revamped video ad experience, we?re giving you the opportunity to earn a 20 percent bonus on video ad revenue for three months from May through July. All you have to do is integrate SDK 6.4 before April 30. That?s it!

Get started with SDK 6.4 in minutes

Increase your revenue with the best mobile video ad experience yet (with 20 percent bonus revenue!) by simply downloading and integrating SDK 6.4 with a few lines of code. Get your hands on our drag-and-drop SDK by following the download link below. And follow the included upgrade guide that will help you update your mobile games with the latest Chartboost SDK.

Download SDK

*Bonus applies to video revenue generated from SDK 6.4 only