Increase eCPMs with Chartboost Publishing Campaigns

Product Updates

January 29, 2018


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We are very excited to release the latest update to Chartboost Network publishing campaigns!?With the new publishing campaign, we?ve restructured campaigns to serve the top performing ad units for specific publisher placements.

Starting today, publishing campaigns are now simplified into two 'Placement Type' categories:?interstitial?and?rewarded.?Campaigns now reflect publisher placements instead of ad creative types.

We?re already seeing positive results from our initial tests:?? ??59.7% eCPM increase?? ??71.6% install rateNote: interstitial campaigns will only run if you include showInterstitial in your code, and rewarded campaigns will only run if you include showRewarded in your code.

What?s Changed?

Unified Placement: Interstitial vs. Rewarded Campaigns

Previously your publishing campaigns were separated into static, interstitial video, and rewarded video. Now when you create a new publishing campaign, you?ll notice ?Ad Type? has been replaced with ?Placement Type?. ?Within ?Placement Type??choose whether you want to run an interstitial campaign or a rewarded campaign.

  • Interstitial campaigns can deliver a mix of static images, GIF, video, or playable ads.
  • Rewarded campaigns serve video or playable creative types.

Instead of trying to decide which creative type to show in your game, you simply choose the location. Chartboost will then serve the most optimized ad unit for that placement.

Why did we make this change?

Chartboost is always improving our network to increase efficiency and help our publishers earn more from their campaigns.Campaign creation has been simplified; instead of trying to decide which creative type to show in your game, you simply choose the campaign?s location. Chartboost will serve the most optimized ad unit for that placement to deliver higher eCPMs.The latest update to our network ensures new immersive creative types like playables, 360?, Augmented Reality, and more seamlessly integrate into existing publishing campaigns.Note: ads will be served based on their performance in that campaign, as well as campaign priorities.

What actions are needed to take advantage of these changes?

Actually, nothing! We have already done the heavy lifting for you. Your existing campaigns will automatically use the new publishing campaign structure.Chartboost publishers can test drive the new publishing campaign structure today by simply navigating to publishing campaigns from your Chartboost Dashboard.We?ll be rolling out more publishing campaign enhancements in the coming weeks, stay tuned!Interested in earning more from your publishing campaigns??Download the latest SDK.