Increase CTR for Your Mobile Game Ads with Valentine?s Day Frames


February 7, 2015


min read

You mean so much to us. To show our love for you, we?re supplying you with free Valentine?s Day frames to give your mobile game ads a touch of love as well as an increase in CTR.

Here?s what you?ll get to take your players? breath away on Valentine?s Day:

  • 2 seductive Valentine?s Day-themed frames
  • 1 close button that goes hand in hand with both frames

Each frame size--interstitial and video--come in both portrait and landscape orientations. On top of that, we?re providing you with three different aspect ratios--3:2, 4:3 and 16:9--for the interstitial frames.Use these Valentine?s Day frames to start showering your players with love right now! Stay tuned to our blog for more free frames and the latest in everything mobile game user acquisition and monetization by subscribing here.Download