In-App Programmatic Advertising ? Misha Syrotiuk, Huuuge Games

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In-App Programmatic

June 4, 2019


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In this video, Misha Syrotiuk talks about the importance of speed in a fast-paced industry and his experience running in-app programmatic advertising campaigns.Huuuge Games is one of the fastest growing and most innovative mobile game developer of social casino apps with over 450 people employees. Misha Syrotiuk joined Huuuge Games over three years ago as a user acquisition manager of Huuuge?s second biggest title Billionaire Casino and currently runs an international user acquisition team.

Video transcript: My name is Misha, I work for Huuuge Games. Huuuge Games is a developer and advertiser of its own games. We are looking to acquire users whatever they are. They can be browsing Facebook, Twitter, Google, or they can also play another game where we will place our advertisement video or some other form of advertisements. Chartboost is a partner that we work with to make this happen.The company has probably worked with Chartboost since 2012 or even earlier, it?s been a while. We very much evaluate cooperation with Chartboost and with other partners of ours. We work in a very high-speed environment. Very often we have an idea, or Chartboost has an idea and what we value is implementation. How fast can we actually implement it? Chartboost has always been very fast in implementing ideas and in suggesting new ideas and new initiatives. When the company has a new product or new tools, we would be added to alpha or beta partners to test them out. ?I don?t know any other company that has a product that Chartboost has. You have developed your own bidder that will buy programmatically in your own inventory, and since you already have the bidder you will buy programmatically in other inventory from other ad exchanges. With our other partners, they will either be programmatic partners, so companies that don?t have inventory but they have programmatic capabilities, or they would be a direct inventory partner. Not a lot of them would combine both of these. The reason why we chose to work with Chartboost because of a) you have your inventory and b) you have your own bidder that can buy programmatically into your own inventory. Which is in our opinion is something we think everybody should be doing, but for whatever reason, nobody ever thought about it. ?Interested in being featured in our Dev Spotlight Series? Fill out this form?here!Also, make sure to watch our Dev Spotlight Videos with Xie Feng from, Tong Xi from ME2Zen?and Christian Calderon from?Ketchapp!