Improve Campaigns With Creative Auto Optimization & Social Metadata

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February 27, 2015


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Cori Savaiano is a product manager at Chartboost.Chartboost now takes the hassle out of manually distributing traffic among your mobile ad creatives, so you can spend more time building great mobile games. With Chartboost Creative Auto Optimization, you can get the most out of your mobile advertising campaigns by automatically allocating traffic among your creative sets. So sit back, relax and find out how to start improving your mobile ad campaigns in seconds.

Start Optimizing Creatives, Automatically

Creative Auto Optimization works a little something like this: our proprietary algorithm analyzes the historical conversion performance for each creative and target, and automatically distributes traffic based on that data among the creative set within a campaign target. Once Creative Auto Optimization is up and running, the algorithm will continue to automatically update traffic allocations among each creative, so you don?t have to. Best of all, Creative Auto Optimization works for your Network Advertising, Direct Deal or Cross Promotion campaigns for both interstitial and mobile video ads.

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How to Set Up Creative Auto Optimization in Your Mobile Advertising Campaign

Here?s how you can get your mobile advertising campaigns up to speed in no time with Creative Auto Optimization:

  • Head to your Advertising Campaign Edit Page.
  • Under ?Creatives to Use? in Campaign Targeting, you?ll see a new option called ?Traffic Allocation?.
  • Toggle the radio button from ?Manual? to ?Optimized?.
  • Once set to ?Optimized,? you can begin automatically allocating traffic to any creative of your choice by checking the box next to each creative.
  • Click Save and you?re all set! (Note that if you add new creatives within the same campaign target, they will be added to Creative Auto Optimization after checking the box and saving.)
  • Lastly, you can always set your traffic allocation back to ?Manual? for any reason.

Start Optimizing Creatives, Automatically

?Announcing Social Metadata for Mobile Video Ads

Harness the power of both Creative Auto Optimization and Social Metadata to maximize mobile advertising results. Creative Auto Optimization is the yin to Social Metadata?s yang. With these two easy-to-use tools to boost mobile game advertising performance, you can implement a Social Metadata layer to an interstitial ad -- or starting today -- mobile video ad in one click. After that, you can set up automatic traffic allocation between two creatives -- one with Social Metadata and one without -- in another click.What are you waiting for? Let us do the heavy lifting allocating traffic among your creatives by using Creative Auto Optimization and Social Metadata, today!Never miss future product announcements, updates and much more by subscribing to our blog here.