Improve CTR for Your Mobile Game Ads with free Chinese New Year Frames


February 5, 2015


min read

It?s time to prepare your mobile game business before the Chinese New Year celebration commences on February 19. We?re outfitting you with free, custom-made Chinese New Year frames to improve CTR for mobile game ads in your mobile marketing campaigns today.

What you?ll get for free when you download the file:

  • 2 unique Chinese New Year-themed frames
  • 1 close button that?s tailor-made for both frames

Both interstitial and video frames come in two flavors--portrait and landscape orientations. We also provide you with multiple aspect ratios for the interstitial frames, including 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9.Make sure you never miss more free frames as well as the latest insights on mobile game monetization, user acquisition and more by subscribing to our blog.Get Your Frames Here