Hypercasual digs its heels in, tips for cross-promoting mobile games, an Among Us plot twist, and more | TBOF newsletter #5


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August 28, 2023


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Get ready to fuel your mobile gaming insights with an edition that dives into hypercasual games defying the odds, reveals the secrets of cross-promotion, unravels the impact of future technologies, delivers an unexpected twist for Among Us fans, and more.

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Rev up your game portfolio strategy!

Crafted to maximize brand loyalty, user engagement, and revenue, we deep dive into strategic recommendations among your titles. Leverage the invaluable insights garnered from campaigns and user responses (essential for fine-tuning monetization and user acquisition strategies) and learn about segmentation to engage the most valuable users in this cross promoting mobile games piece. 🎯

Plus, explore Chartboost's revamped UX/UI, designed to maximize revenue and efficiency. We’d love you to explore the newly accessible features in our product roundup. 🔎

Listen: Pioneering the future of game dev with Tiplay Studio Co-founder & CEO

Our VP of Marketing Jonathan Fishman sat down with Mehmet Umut Ermeç from Tiplay to discuss the evolving landscape of game development, the role of AI, the significance of ad generation, and more. The episode is full of Ermeç's expert insights, highlighting industry opportunities and the essential regulatory discussions needed for the technology to shape the future safely.

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What's buzzin' in the industry

1. Buckle up, because hypercasual games are alive and kickin’. Amidst the popularity of hybridcasual games, the pulse of hypercasual remains strong, seen in the recent triumphs that defy any uncertainties. Homa co-founder Olivier Le Bas envisions exciting prospects for titles that embrace "enhanced production values and retention."

See the evidence for yourself. 📌

2. Unlock the secrets of attribution with this must-listen podcast featuring Maor Sadra of incrementality testing platform INCRMNTAL and Dr. Julian Runge whose research focuses on behavioral economics and marketing analytics. Navigate future-proof strategies for advertising measurement and dive into the realm of probabilistic methods.

Listen to the MDM episode here. 🎤

3. And finally… Innersloth's Among Us is set to become an animated series, following in the footsteps of Rovio's Angry Birds. This development is not only a boon for aspiring small developers but also serves as a testament to games' ability to capture the attention of major entertainment players, further reinforcing the idea that video games can be powerful storytelling platforms.

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