How to Setup a Flexbid Campaign on Chartboost Dashboard

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June 20, 2019


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Early June, we announced the launch of Flexbid tool on Chartboost dashboard. Flexbid is a self-service tool for in-app advertisers to reach more users with improved performance and control. When setting up a Flexbid campaign you'll be able to add multiplier values on key bid dimensions; bid by publisher, country, device, OS, and even more bid dimensions are available with our proprietary Flexbid API.?Flexbid came to ideation as an internal tool to help advertisers? optimize their in-app advertising campaigns on Chartboost network. We worked with several advertisers to test Flexbid at the early stages and saw great results on advertiser?s key metrics such as ROAS, and ARPU. We are excited to make Flexbid available for all of our advertisers on Chartboost ad network.?You can get started on Flexbid by creating a new account or log in to your existing account with Chartboost, and proceed with the following steps to setup a Flexbid campaign. ???

How to add Flexbid to a new/existing in-app advertising campaign

  1. Create a network advertising campaign as usual on the Chartboost dashboard - ??Campaigns > Advertising > Add a campaign > Network Advertising?.
  1. Under ?Campaign Targeting? and ?Audience? leave the default settings to ?Target all countries?, ?Target all OS versions? and ?Target all device types?. If you limit this, it might affect your Flexbid campaign depending on the bid dimensions you?ll be using.
  1. Select bid type ?CPI? with bid amount and budget
  1. Click on button ?+ Add Flexbid?

Set your Flexbid campaign with the .xlsx Flexbid template

  1. Download Flexbid template
  1. Open the downloaded .xlsx Flexbid template in Microsoft Excel. Follow the instructions noted in the Flexbid template. ?
  • In the .xlsx file you will find the available bid dimensions and editable fields. You may use just one or all of them.
  • Fill in maximum bid (if you do not fill in a maximum bid, it is by default at $20)
  • Fill in minimum bid (minimum bid is at $0.10 and cannot be less, which is also the default if you do not fill in minimum bid)
  • Add the desired multiplier values. Values can only range between 0.01 and 25.
  • Save the .xlsx file
  1. You can click on upload Flexbid, select the saved file and upload or easily drag and drop the saved file.

Debug your Flexbid campaign

  1. Once you uploaded your Flexbid, the system will identify any errors that might have happened during the uploading process (some format mismatches, incorrect data, etc.) The system will also let you know what went wrong so you can change it and try again. To learn more about what can cause an error in the Flexbid campaign, visit our help site.

Save your Flexbid campaign

  1. Continue with uploading your creative assets and click 'Save'. Your campaign will be live once it?s approved!

Sign up or log in to Chartboost dashboard and test it out, or learn more about Flexbid tool on our help site. We will be releasing more blogs and resources on Flexbid best-practices shortly!