How to Prepare Your Mobile Game for iOS 9

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September 16, 2015


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Apple?s iOS 9 hits iPhones and iPads across the globe today. The latest mobile operating system from Apple introduces a host of new enhancements, some of which may require action on your end to ensure that your Chartboost integration continues to run smoothly.Note: If you?re planning to submit a bitcode-enabled version of your app to the Apple App Store, then look no further. Chartboost?s latest iOS SDK (5.5.4) supports bitcode. Although if you?re not in a rush to submit a new version, you can experience the next generation of mobile video ads as well as iOS 9 compatibility with Chartboost SDK 6 which will be available in the coming weeks.Below, we?ve detailed actions you do or don?t need to take to ensure you?re prepared for using Chartboost with iOS 9.

Support for App Transport Security

Apple is debuting a new encryption feature for iOS 9 called App Transport Security (ATS), which requires apps to make secure connections (HTTPS) while at the same time preventing non-secure connections (HTTP). We?re automatically migrating all non-secure connections to secure connections for you, so you don?t have to worry about this.However, if you?re using your own domains and ATS-compliant domains, then you can whitelist those domains in your mobile game by adding this code snippet example to your mobile game?s plist file:

Support for Bitcode

As part of iOS 9, Apple is focusing on optimizing the installation process of iOS and watchOS apps. One such feature is bitcode, which is an intermediate representation of a compiled program that is a component of a new App Thinning feature. Bitcode is enabled by default in Xcode 7, but optional for iOS apps (required for watchOS apps).Existing Mobile Games: If your mobile game is live on the Apple App Store with the latest Chartboost SDK, then no action needs to be taken.New Mobile Games Built Against iOS 9.0 SDK: If you?re planning on building a bitcode-enabled mobile game against iOS 9 using Xcode 7, then integrate Chartboost?s latest iOS SDK (5.5.4) which is bitcode compliant. Access the free Chartboost iOS SDK by clicking here.If you disable bitcode in your iOS 9-built mobile game, then no action is required.