How Publishers Can Target Mobile Game Players Better

User Acquisition

September 5, 2018


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Developers who?ve added their mobile games to Chartboost are now part of a global network of excited mobile game players as well as big-brand advertisers eager to show their high-quality ads in your game. The more engagement these ads get through your game, the more you earn for your growing mobile game business!As a publisher on the Chartboost network, you have total control over what genres of ads appear in your games, how often they appear, which users or devices will see them, and more. If you want to boost your earnings, here are some great tips to help you optimize your publishing campaigns. (What? You haven?t started a publishing campaign yet? You need to start one to make money on the Chartboost network.)

  • Be smart about scheduling. Choose your start and end times carefully. Take advantage of holiday seasons traffic. Remember: by default, publishing campaigns begin immediately and never end.
  • Target specific devices and versions. You can adjust your publishing campaign to only show ads in specific versions of your mobile game; this helps ads from breaking in older, unoptimized versions of your game -- broken ads instantly ruin a gamer?s experience. You can also limit your publishing campaign to specific devices.
  • Remember what your players like. Target your publishing campaigns by game genre or audience type. Users are more likely to respond to ads that are similar to what they are already playing. An RPG player is more likely to tap on an ad for similar adventure dragon quest.
  • Think globally. You can target specific countries in which your game performs better, or where user sessions are longest. More playtime means more chances to show ads and earn revenue.

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