How Outfit7 Used Deep Integration to Double Performance & Revenue

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December 5, 2012


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No one likes ads, except when they are fun and relevant. Out Fit 7 Ltd (also known as Outfit7), the company behind the Talking Tom Franchise, is well aware of that. They created a deep integration of the Chartboost interstitial within their game?s core user experience. This has achieved an average Click Through Rate of 18% since April 1, nearly double the network?s 10% average. Outfit7 generated more than $200,000 in revenue for the month of September, which, historically, is a time when companies spend less on marketing their titles as the school year begins and the Christmas rush looms. This is how they did it.Step 1: IntegrationThe integration of Chartboost technology within Talking Tom & Ben News is directly tied to the core user experience, with the two main characters calling out promotions for other games as ?a word from our sponsor,? as one would expect from a typical news broadcast. This is a small detail that suddenly makes the whole experience feel like a part of the game. Players realize that Tom and Ben are suggesting they go check out other games.Step 2: Data Analysis & OptimizationDays after launching this integration, Outfit7 was able to analyze the click-through and install numbers achieved by these unique interstitial placements and strike a Direct Deal with one of their key partners, cutting out the middleman and making 100% revenue on that campaign. This Direct Deal yielded a 31% Click Through Rate, an increase over the 18% average rate Outfit7 had seen from the Chartboost network since April 1. Outfit7 also saw eCPMs as high as $49.00 when optimizing and targeting their campaigns. Compare those statistics with other mobile ad networks that tout click-through rates around 1% and eCPMs of $7.51 and the benefit of optimizing and deeply integrating technology becomes clear.

Step 3: Cash outOutfit7 generated more than $200,000 in a single month with users seeing just one interstitial in three out of every five game sessions. This is one of the best and least-intrusive user experiences possible while at the same time a highly lucrative integration.