How One Advertiser Improved User Acquisition by 204%

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July 23, 2014


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Chartboost is constantly improving our targeting options for developers. We know that allowing developers to fully customize their campaigns will help them achieve amazing results. This is why many of our recent features and blogs have focused on Categories - they allow you to reach players with improved context.


We recently improved our capabilities around category targeting where previously, campaigns could only exclude categories. Now campaigns can target categories specifically:


Network Advertising Campaigns


This brought a new arsenal for advertisers and publishers who want to get specific with campaigns. Advertisers can include categories for any publishing or advertising campaign, and those that have, had IRs that were 47% higher than network averages.


One of our advertisers, Williams Interactive, was able to achieve a 174% Install Rate increase on iPad and a 204% Install Rate increase on Android.


Jackpot Party


What was Williams Interactive able to achieve with Category Targeting?


  • They became a more competitive advertiser amongst their core targeted audience. Coupled with a slight bid increase their already strong eCPM skyrocketed 295% on Android and 195% on iPad.
  • Retention from Chartboost users increased by 20% compared to campaigns that were not category-targeted.
  • As a by-product of category targeting, Williams Interactive spent less time filtering out apps in order to optimize their campaigns.


Jackpot Party


Tips for Advertisers


Naturally, as targeting specifications increase, the potential audience decreases. If volume is a major concern for you, make sure to use a few Category inclusion campaigns as a supplement to your other campaigns.


For those that haven?t yet tried out Chartboost advertising or don?t have large budgets for spending, Category targeting would be a great way to spend with confidence. Not only will your eCPMs be higher from better install rates but you can find users that are more likely interested in your game because you targeted the same category or adjacent categories.