How DoubleU Games Doubled Down to Increase ROI by 50%

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September 10, 2018


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As the self-described ?enfant terrible of the global games market,? Korea-based studio DoubleU Games hit the jackpot in the app store with casino titles such as Old 80?s Slots and DoubleU Bingo (available for iOS and Android), solidifying DoubleU?s presence in the international gaming landscape. DoubleU?s loyal audience of global players presented a unique challenge that UA manager Hyoni Kim met head-on with testing out new ad formats and creatives on the Chartboost network.

The challenge: Landscape video busts out

Before Chartboost announced the launch of vertical video in our network, Kim was using landscape-formatted video ads to attract players most likely to make in-app purchases. Since casino gamers tend to be high spenders, ad campaigns had to strongly evoke a ?come one, come all? approach through exciting videos that demonstrate real gameplay.Unfortunately, landscape video did not adequately capture the essence of DoubleU?s intuitively vertical slot machine games, meaning potential spenders did not bother clicking through the ad.Since its launch on the Chartboost network, 69% of users reported that vertical video was a less intrusive mobile ad experience, and advertisers saw a 20% lift in IPM due to vertical video. What makes this ad format so successful? As we?ve recently seen, users are holding their mobile devices vertically 90% of the time.

The solution: Vertical ace up your sleeve

To keep video content fresh and compelling, Kim and the UA team began refreshing creatives every two weeks, opting for vertical video formats. Kim developed a storyboard method that introduced fun characters showcasing slot machine gameplay in its natural vertical orientation. Kim also observed that rewarded video ads (e.g. ?Redeem your free 1,000,000 coins?) performed better with free users than a standard ?Download Now? CTA.Using the free analytics suite available on the Chartboost dashboard, Kim?s team easily analyzed different iterations of their vertical video creatives, making informed decisions about which elements to optimize.

?In our first week of running vertical video ads we were able to increase installs by 50%. The vertical video campaigns resulted in a 50% lift in overall ROI. By leveraging high-quality ad formats on the Chartboost network we were able to engage our most valuable audiences and drive results. ?- Hyoni Kim, User Acquisition Manager

The results: Cashing out with vertical

After scrutinizing KPIs such as monthly clickthroughs, in-app purchasing, and seven-day retention, DoubleU discovered that vertical video boosted their CTR by almost 20%, installs went up 50%, and ROI increased by 50%. Overall impressions also increased by 10%. Kim attributes the jumps to vertical video, which captures the user?s eyes more effectively than landscape and delivers a more immersive gaming experience.By joining the global Chartboost network, DoubleU was able to tap into heavy gamer traffic and acquire users at scale, with vertical video ensuring significant engagement among new players. Kim leveraged the Chartboost dashboard to easily review creative performance and make data-based adjustments to campaigns. The most enjoyable aspect of Chartboost, DoubleU says, is that it?s a self-service platform that empowers game developers. Like a pit boss on a thriving casino floor, DoubleU has total control over the action.