Holiday Rush Drives CPIs Down in November


December 9, 2014


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After two straight months of stable CPI rates on iOS and Google Play globally, rates went into decline in November. In particular, CPIs decreased by 4.8% on Google Play, 17.3% on iOS and 25.5% on Amazon. If last year was any indication, a decrease in CPI rates was expected.During the gift-giving season, there?s a wealth of new gamers cramming their new mobile devices with games as well as existing gamers playing even more games. The higher supply of gamers equates to less competitive bidding for installs. That?s music to publisher and advertiser ears alike. Publishers will witness more people playing their games, and advertisers will have an easier time finding new gamers.

iOS CPI Decreases Among All 3 Device TypesSummary

  • iPad: CPI down to $2.63 (-20%)
  • iPhone: CPI down to $2.31 (-14.2%)
  • iPod touch: CPI down to $1.70 (-9.2%)

All three iOS device types discarded nearly 10% or more from its individual worldwide CPI rate in November. At the country level, only five countries saw CPI growth on iOS, including China, Italy, Denmark, Malaysia and Spain. Comparatively, an abundance of countries observed CPI decreases, such as Canada by 24% to $3.18, Australia by 24% to $3.50 and Japan by 34% to $3.66. To reiterate, CPIs were expected to begin decreasing around the start of the holiday season in November.Google Play?s Global CPI Takes a Slight DipSummary

  • Google Play: CPI down to $1.20 (-4.8%)

Google play shed only 5% off its global CPI rate in November. Although CPI rates decreased in major Google Play markets, namely in the US to $1.60 (-15%), in Canada to $2.05 (-23%) and in France to $0.98 (-30%).Amazon CPI Falls Across Many CountriesSummary

  • Amazon: down to $1.96 (-25%)

Among the top 20 countries in the Chartboost Network for Amazon, 18 countries watched CPI rates go into reverse in November. The three countries that saw the largest decrease in CPI rates were Japan, India and Denmark, watching CPIs fall 38% (down to $1.59), 39% (down to $1.35) and 72% (down to $0.52), respectively.Now is the time to acquire new users for less or monetize even more effectively. History has shown that Christmas and New Year?s tend to deliver the most users and revenue. In this situation, adjust campaigns to prepare for the influx.