Helium SDK 2.5.0 Arrives With New Networks, Banner Ads and More


February 8, 2022


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Helium, our hybrid model mediation platform at Chartboost, is getting a huge feature expansion.Our product and engineering teams have worked hard to give publishers added incremental revenue and monetization efficiency in addition to the high fill rates, revenue and unparalleled transparency that Helium is already known for.With Helium SDK 2.5.0, publishers will have access to new networks, banner ads and more!

1. New Bidding Partner: Mintegral

We are happy to announce that Mintegral has joined Helium as a new bidding partner, giving access to global performance and brand advertisers. Mintegral specializes in bridging between Eastern and Western markets, with a particular expertise in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market.Our partnership with Helium by Chartboost is a significant milestone for us, and we are incredibly excited to see what we will be able to achieve together, said Mintegral GM of Americas, Jeff Sue. Integrating Helium by Chartboost is a significant win for our partners and further expands our ability to help mobile app developers build successful businesses on the global stage.

2.New Mediated Partners: Fyber and InMobi

Helium is also welcoming Fyber and InMobi to our mediated networks. Our network list has now grown to over 40 top networks globally, including names like AdMob, ironSource and Unity Ads. Over 30 of these networks either offer real-time bidding or are DSPs, aiding in the transition to a programmatic model with low load time, high fill rates, and maximized eCPMs.

3.Banner Ad Support

Helium is opening to banner ads! While video has been our focus to date, publishers have asked for banners and were happy to oblige.Banners play a pivotal role for publishers seeking higher ad revenue. Brands often prefer static ads over video for their CPM campaigns, making the format one of the best growth opportunities in mobile.Hyper casual games have also boosted banners: smart designers have found that banners are perfect for displaying during active gameplay or inside a user interface. Publishers can further optimize with a custom refresh time for loading a new ad, or use the default 30 second auto refresh.Helium SDK 2.5.0 supports the following rectangular banner sizes, which are usually shown at the top, middle or bottom of the screen:

Who Should Use Helium and How?

Mobile monetization solutions are undergoing a sea change. The old, manually optimized waterfall is giving way to in-app bidding or unified auctions. Helium can offer both waterfall and in-app bidding, and helps publishers to reduce hours spent optimizing, achieve higher revenue, and gather better, more actionable data.For existing Helium users who are ready to display banner ads and widen demand sources, simply download the newest Helium SDK 2.5.0 and update all the network SDK dependencies for adapters. If youre new to Helium, just apply for an invite.Start setting up your banner placement and get incremental ad revenue with Helium!