Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: New Analytics API

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January 15, 2014


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Hey Boosters,Over the next week, we?ll be rolling out some redesigned and reengineered pages that are easier to navigate and are powered by our speediest analytics API yet. We treated some of our most used pages to a UI makeover including App and Campaign Analytics, and Campaign Edit.Some of you might already be using these pages, while others will see the new pages shortly as we roll them out in stages.

What?s New in App and Campaign Analytics?

Define your Role & Choose Your QueryWhen taking advantage of Direct Deals, Cross Promotion, and Network campaigns, there is a lot of data to digest. Now, you?ll be able to break out Roles - Publisher or Advertiser - to help you focus on the data you need to know.You will also have the flexibility to grab data by ?Platform?, ?Role?, and ?Campaign Type? in any combination to quickly drill down to see the figures that matter most to you. Whether you care about Advertising impressions in iOS campaigns or your Cross Promotion across all platforms, it?s easy to view daily, weekly, and monthly figures through the dashboard.

New Campaign Analytics

Faster API, Faster DataWe optimized and streamlined our APIs to get your data faster and fine tuned our front-end performance to more efficiently deliver it. The result: you can pull more data faster whether it's being displayed in the dashboard or exported as a .csv file.

What?s New in Campaign Edit?

We made the features you use the most frequently easier to use. For publishers, it?s now easier to select the platform you want to focus on, then drill down to see the apps. For advertisers, selecting creatives and assigning weights will be smoother - just type in the percentage you want to assign to each creative.

New Campaign Edit

As always, visit our Help Site for more info.