Global CPIs Stand Pat in October

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November 7, 2014


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We saved you the best treat for last. Although the coffin is sealed shut on Halloween, that didn?t stop us from digging up October CPI data in the Chartboost Network. In October, global CPI rates on iOS and Google Play were stable. Minor fluctuations month-over-month among iOS and Google Play wasn?t too surprising. The trend most likely points toward advertisers preparing for a hectic holiday season.

iOS Preserves Worldwide CPI RatesSummary

  • iPad: CPI down to $3.29 (-0.3%)
  • iPhone: CPI remained at $2.69 (No change)
  • iPod touch: CPI up to $1.87 (+2.2%)

The worldwide iOS CPI waters stood still in October. iPhone?s CPI iced over, freezing at $2.69. Meanwhile, iPod?s CPI increased just a smidgen from $1.83 in September to $1.87 in October, and CPI for iPad dipped by $0.01 to $3.29.Some countries bucked the trend seen globally, displaying aggressive CPI movement in both positive and negative directions. Japan and Thailand experience significant iOS CPI rate hikes, increasing 44% to $5.53 and 39% to $1.63, respectively. The UK saw iOS CPIs drop 15% to $3.19, while Russia felt CPIs decrease 29% to $3.28.Google Play CPI Rises in JapanSummary

  • Google Play: CPI down to $1.26 (-3.6%)

Google Play?s CPI globally took a slight hit in October, scrubbing $0.04 off its CPI rate. By country, Japan also saw CPIs increase on Google Play, moving up 30% to $1.89. South Korea exhibited the largest rise in CPIs, swelling 38% to $1.56. On the flip side, Brazil?s CPI dropped 27% to $0.57 and Switzerland?s by 35% to $1.42.Amazon CPI Stays AblazeSummary

  • Amazon: CPI up to $2.63 (+8.3%)

The fire is still burning for Amazon?s CPI globally, flaring up 8.3% to $2.63. Now that Amazon is going after cost-conscious consumers with their new Fire HD Devices, it?s possible that their strategy may end up bringing new smart device users into the market.Amazon CPIs spiked in Switzerland by 105% to $2.38 and by 93% to $1.53 in Russia. In contrast, CPI rates tumbled by 25% to $1.25 in Sweden and by 53% to $1.40 in South Korea.