Genera Sees 40% Click to Install with Chartboost Influence

User Acquisition

October 26, 2017


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Genera Games's user acquisition strategy focuses on the fastest and most efficient tactics in acquiring targeted audiences. This also means considering tactics to scale UA volume, and Genera has found great success in influencer marketing. The Genera team came to Chartboost Influence earlier this year to connect with top YouTube influencers in the rollout of Gladiator Heroes with a diverse and powerful UA strategy.

Connecting with Influencers at Scale

?We found it was much more agile to connect with influencers through a platform like Chartboost Influence. It gave us the most confidence in capacity of management and direct influencer communications.?

- Miguel Toledo, Chief Marketing Officer, Genera Games

The first step for Genera in designing their influencer marketing strategy was to define the target audience of the game Gladiator Heroes. Then, with Chartboost Influence, the team was able to identify YouTube influencers whose community matched with their defined target audience. Looking at previous influencer videos to better understand the impact, the team reviewed many elements, including the style of the games covered, how informative the videos are, if the influencer incorporates other featured guests in the video, comments, subscribers, geos of subscribers, and more.

A Focused, Dedicated Piece of Content

In Genera?s ongoing influencer marketing strategy, they tested two common types of sponsorships: a full influencer episode dedicated to a game versus a shoutout of a game in an episode. While both offer a certain level of return and require different levels of investment, Genera found the fully dedicated episode is optimal. It allows the community to really understand the exciting depth of their games with character evolution, weapons to engage with in-game, and areas to explore.

Organic Uplift to Drive Installs

They found success with increased installs and user behavior following with retention and engagement from the YouTube community - a 40% click-to-install rate with tracked engagement, not including organic uplift! Through the tracked campaign, they could also compare one influencer channel to another in order to optimize their next round of influencer marketing targets.Influencer marketing is always great for an initial viral boost with the launch of a new episode. This organic uplift is a key indicator of success; it?s just the start of the impact from an influencer campaign. Genera leveraged attribution technology, easily integrated with Chartboost Influence, to track eCPI from a flat fee video campaign.Chartboost Influence connects mobile, PC and console game advertisers to the top online influencers. To learn more, visit