Focused Apps Teams Up With Chartboost for Record Smashing Profits

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November 15, 2013


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Here at Chartboost, we frequently hear success stories from game developers using our technology. Your success sparks us to continue building the best products to help you reach their business goals. Today's post hones in on Focused Apps, best known for their Hit Tennis mobile games.

Focused Apps initially approached us looking for a way to capitalize around the excitement of the 2013 tennis season to drive installs and monetize their chart-topping hits. They didn?t want much hand-holding from an outside ad agency, and the more data that could inform their decisions, the better. Enter Chartboost.

In just one month following strategic implementation of Chartboost technology, Focused Apps saw publishing impressions increase by 213%, a 246% growth in money earned, and a 116% boost in eCPM. Match Point.

?We really value the transparency Chartboost offers - reports include full details of impressions, clicks, and installs for our campaigns and every third party ad we show. Using a mix of direct deals and paid advertising with Chartboost, we've been able to push up the charts during tennis season worldwide and see profitable returns from organic users."

- Mark Johnson, Founding Partner, Focused Apps

Focused Apps exercised a strategic combination of cross promotion, network traffic and Direct Deal campaigns to meet their goals.

Cross Promotion:

Following release, Hit Tennis 3 was cross promoted heavily in Hit Tennis 2 with a click through rate of 14%, considerably higher than the network average.

Network Campaigns:

Focused Apps also ran interstitials through the network to find new users, monetize, and gauge the quality of potential partners for Direct Deals. When Focused Apps deliberately increased their rate of advertising and spend around Wimbledon, the studio acquired a large quantity of high LTV users. With those users and high impression count, Hit Tennis 3 also became a prime publisher for developers to partner with to advertise. This boosted revenue significantly.

Direct Deals:

The full transparency of the Chartboost network provided Focused Apps with insights to their top performing partners in the network. This helped the developer make critical decisions on which apps would be most effective to partner with for Direct Deals to drive revenue. As a result, advertisers in Hit Tennis 3 saw an install rate 305% above the network average.

Craving more details? Download the complete case study.