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June 17, 2019


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As one of the largest global in-app advertising platforms, we are constantly developing new and innovative ways to promote buying efficiency and scale for our customers. With trust and transparency at our core, we aim to provide our customers with tools that empower them with control and flexibility to make precise decisions to drive performance. Today, Chartboost is happy to announce our launch of Flexbid ? the only self-service tool offering the most robust bid amplifiers in the market. ??Customers are now able to set granular bidding strategies across key dimensions such as publisher, country, device, and OS. This enables customers to tailor their approach to maximize their access to our inventory. While other ad networks only allow for a single bidding strategy across their entire campaign, Flexbid allows Chartboost customers to set multiple bidding strategies, which all work in unison to auto-optimize bids. Customers have the option of enabling these bidding strategies with Flexbid tool on our self-serve Chartboost dashboard or with our proprietary Flexbid API.

Early Flexbid advertisers doubled their ROAS!

In our closed beta, we?ve had several customers using Flexbid in various capacities over the course of 30 days achieving exceptional results. In only one month, early beta customers have seen results of up to 200% increase in installs and doubled their ROAS.Tactile Games, a Danish casual puzzle game developer, was an early beta partner using our Flexbid API. Tactile Games wrote a full case study highlighting their experience and results using Flexbid. ?Read the full case study with Tactile here.

?Applying bids programmatically through Flexbid gave us more transparency and control over how our campaigns performed. The people at Chartboost have also been very helpful along the way, which made the transition to run Flexbid on most of our games a smooth process.?? Amar Medic, User Acquisition Manager, Tactile Games

How to get started on Flexbid!

There are two ways to access Flexbid:1.) ??Customers can log into or sign up to the Chartboost dashboard and access the Flexbid tool to upload their bids.2.) ??For optimal results, customers can integrate into the Flexbid API for complete control and flexibility to automatically update your bids quickly. ??With Flexbid you?ll be able to:

  • Boost Performance on key bid dimensions
  • Maximize the value of every impression
  • Get full control with improved bidding
  • Easily setup via Chartboost dashboard or API

View our Flexbid info sheet or learn more on our help site. Stay tuned for more blog posts and resources on Flexbid best-practices. Get started today by signing up with Chartboost!