Finding the Right Ad Partner For Mobile Apps - Igor Lautar, Outfit7

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September 16, 2019


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Outfit7, the creator behind Talking Tom and Friends with up to 350 million monthly active users and over 9 billion downloads, is a household name within the mobile app gaming industry. Talking Tom and Friends is not only a mobile app, but also a tv series, on merchandise, and a Youtube music channel (with over 9 million subscribers).?We had the honor of having Igor Lautar, Senior VP of Digital Sales at Outfit7 at the Chartboost office for an interview with us sharing his thoughts on in-app advertising; how to build relationships with ad networks, the key trend in monetization, and his top advice for mobile app developers.?

Video Transcript: We at Outfit7, we like to think about ourselves as an entertainment brand and company reaching all audiences and all ages. We?d like to bring fun into this world.Our games are more casual in nature, thus it's more bias towards advertising. We tend to focus more on retention and keeping users in-game, and not so much of them buying content in the game. It?s more about the experience and having the right partner to help us monetize.When you select the partners that you are working with. It?s very important to try to see what are the strengths of each partner. What can you bring to the table, and what can your partner bring to the table. Try to find those strengths and try to focus on them, and then build a bigger relationship and a bigger opportunity in the long run.We?ve been working with Chartboost for quite a long time almost from the very beginning of both companies. While working with Chartboost, obviously having a close relationship, trying to understand how the other side of the business work, gives us a lot of insight on what we need to change in terms of our apps and ad inventory, what we can do better to help not only Chartboost but all other partners as well.Some of the key trends in the monetization in the advertising business would be consolidation of the market. The whole story about header bidding, how demand understand inventory better and how they bid together. We try to move everything to the next level and make it a more mature market and mature industry.Starting as a game developer, I think back in times when we did it it was easier. At the same time, there weren't many technologies and services available. One piece of advice don?t try to build it yourself, find the right partners to help you grow the business, and focus on your core business.Interested in being featured in our Dev Spotlight Series? Fill out this form?here!