Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Mobile Game Business


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January 30, 2015


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What is the cost per install for different game genres? Where are the hottest market opportunities? Which game genres are played the most? In our January Chartboost Power-Up Report, we provide you with everything you need to know to grow your mobile game business.

We?ll help you efficiently find new players and monetize your mobile games by revealing powerful data that answers your mobile game business questions.Read this 16-page report to learn:

  • Which Countries Are Growing the Fastest?
  • Where Are People Playing Mobile Games the Most?
  • What Are the CPIs in Different Countries?
  • What Is the Cost per Install for Different Game Genres?
  • When Do People Play Mobile Games the Most?
  • Which Game Categories Are the Most Popular?
  • Which Platform is Most Popular for Action Games?
  • What is the Top OS in Each Region?
  • What Is the Top OS in APAC Countries?
  • Which Versions of iOS Are the Most Competitive?
  • Which Google Play OS Versions Generate the Most Money?
  • Which Google Play Devices Drive the Most Ad Revenue?
  • PLUS a downloadable spreadsheet with country-by-country OS share breakdowns that you can use to optimize your campaigns.
  • AND dozens of Optimization Tips that you can use today to accelerate your game portfolio?s growth.

Read the ReportPower-Up your mobile game monetization and user acquisition expertise by downloading the free report right now!