Dynamic Games Increased ARPDAU by 10% and Saved 4-6 Hours a Week with Chartboost Mediation

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August 19, 2019


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About Dynamic Games

Dynamic Games started in 2014 with the development of their first game title, Wizard of Bingo. As the game was getting traction, the team continued to build out new features. Wizard of Bingo has now reached millions of downloads worldwide. With a global team, Dynamic Games are focused on building fun and beautifully designed casino games with rich content for women at 30+ years old.

The Challenge

  • With a lean team, Dynamic Game's major challenges are time management and yield optimization.
  • Unfamiliar with in-app header bidding or unified auctions, the team looked to ad networks for knowledge.

The Solution

After helpful conversations with the Chartboost team and considering other solutions, Dynamic Games decided to test Chartboost Mediation in-app unified auction. Chartboost provided clear and easily accessible documentation, as well as immediate and helpful support. All of which was delivered with high-quality from the Chartboost team.Dynamic Games only needed one developer to integrate the Chartboost Mediation SDK which took around 1-2 hours, and a few additional hours to test the integration. While the team experienced a few errors and issues, the Chartboost team had set up a communication channel to help resolve any issues instantly.

The Results

"Chartboost Mediation's technical integration is very straightforward and we've seen a 10% increase in ARPDAU only after one month of testing. While performance is key to us, another equally important benefit is that we've been able to save resources, 4-6 hours per week, from manually updating the waterfall, freeing up time for our team to build a great ad experience for our users instead."- Alexander Kuzub, CTO at Dynamic Games.

After only one month of testing Chartboost Mediation in-app unified auction, in one of Dynamic Game's mobile app, they decided to expand Chartboost Mediation to more titles. Having integrated Chartboost Mediation for both platforms iOS and Google Play, they saw an increase in ARPDAU of 10% and an eCPM increase of 20%. Another key benefit of Chartboost Mediation was that Dynamic Games saved 4-6 hours per week from manual waterfall optimization. They were able to keep their mediation setup in the backfill and put Chartboost Mediation on top, resulting in no risk of losing earnings and instead increase both overall earnings and volume.

Weekly hours saved with Helium

Download the case study as a pdf here.