Dirtybit?s Revenue Surges by 70% with Video Ads

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January 28, 2015


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?We already generate terrific revenue with Chartboost?s static interstitials. Then our revenue surged by 70% after integrating rewarded video ads. With Chartboost, we get both interstitial and video ads in one product.?

-Erlend B?rslid HaugsdalCEO & co-founder, Dirtybit

The StoryDirtybit is a mobile game startup hailing from Bergen, Norway. Founded in 2011, Dirtybit?s wildly popular real-time multiplayer games Fun Run and Fun Run 2 have been downloaded by over 60 million players worldwide to date.

The ProblemAfter driving amazing revenue from Chartboost?s static interstitials for Fun Run 2 on iOS, Dirtybit wanted to see if Rewarded Video ads could help it scale revenues in proportion to Fun Run 2?s expanding player base. The Norwegian studio also sought a complete solution that would deliver one SDK for both video and interstitial ads, the most competitive revenue share, and the flexibility to make direct deals for free with video advertisers that suited Fun Run 2?s audience.The SolutionRewarded Video was the perfect companion to Dirtybit?s static interstitial revenue. By using the same lightweight SDK already installed in Fun Run 2, the mobile game studio created Rewarded Video campaigns, which strategically rewarded players with coins, that ran alongside its static interstitials campaigns. In just one month after adopting seamless Rewarded Video ads that blend into Fun Run 2?s adrenaline-fueled experience, Dirtybit saw a 70% surge in revenue for the title. Today, Dirtybit swears by Chartboost?s all-in-one solution to generate the revenue it needs to exceed its goals.Monetize with Video Today