Delegate Methods: Control How Ads Appear in Games


August 28, 2017


min read

The Chartboost SDK package comes loaded with features that help you customize where, when, and how users see ads in your game. This gives you full control over the ad experience for your players, which ultimately earns you more revenue. The best part is that adding delegate methods to your games is easy! Check out this video for a demonstration on how you can use iOS delegate methods to pause sound or music during an ad in your game:

Here are some of the other ways you can fine-tune your game with delegate methods:

  • Prevent ads from showing the first time a user plays your game. This improves the game experience and overall player satisfaction.
  • Determine whether a user has clicked an ad or just closed it. Use this information to optimize your ad placement or audience targets.
  • Prevent an ad from appearing at points that would interfere with gameplay. No one likes to be interrupted when they?re about to beat their high score!
  • Log useful debug messages when your game attempts to load an ad. This helps you troubleshoot any potential problems.

Learn about all of the Chartboost delegate methods on our helpsite. You can also find the complete list of available delegate methods in the iOS header file, Android doc folder, or Unity Chartboost.cs file. Download the SDK package here.