December Insights Report: Dueling Devices

Insights & Best Practices

December 7, 2012


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Last month we brought you stats on how traffic, performance, and price varies throughout the week- but how does it compare across devices?

Wifi Devices Love Games: Users on iPod touch and iPad appear to be much more eager than their iPhone counterparts to download games. iPad users are more than twice as likely as iPhone users to ultimately download a game after seeing an interstitial for it, while iPod Touch users are 85% more likely.

iPhone Has Scale: iPhone is still king of the iDevices, however, accounting for 61% of iOS user gameplay sessions. That’s more than 5x the number of iPod Touch sessions.

Advertisers Love iPhone: Since iPhone has the scale to entice advertisers, they are still paying a premium for iPhone users. Even though iPad and iPhone users respond better to interstitials, iPhone users still command the highest price.

Big Opportunity on iPad: For developers, this means that there are underpriced users on iPad and iPod Touch that they could be captured- especially considering the high ARPUs developers have seen on the iPad. Developers should be smart about targeting and bidding by device to ensure that they aren’t over-bidding for some devices or missing opportunities for others.