Dallas meetup recap: Campaigning for Mobile Game Success


January 30, 2015


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I met up last night with Chartboost's Dallas mobile game developer community at the Union Park to talk about the nuts and bolts of mobile game advertising on the second stop on our 5-city US roadshow.

Great venue at Union Park downtown Dallas! #gamedev @Chartboost pic.twitter.com/lUv3GgMrcS? Joe Wilson (@joewilsondallas) January 30, 2015
#gamedev came to town @Chartboost ! pic.twitter.com/AzcufDpQF2? Joe Wilson (@joewilsondallas) January 30, 2015

We first discussed the power of Chartboost, and how it helps mobile game developers discover new players and increase revenues through the network effect from cross promo, direct deals combined with the games-only ad network. We covered the basics such as: "What is eCPM?" all the way to talking about how hot mobile video ads are right now for promoting mobile games.

Knock knock. Orange you glad that you can #gamedev your heart out - and @Chartboost will help you get downloads? pic.twitter.com/PjMPpiLyih ? Joe Wilson (@joewilsondallas) January 30, 2015
#gamedev @Chartboost the mobile ad platform supporting static and video ads specifically for games? Keyboard Solomon (@KeyboardSolomon) January 30, 2015
Hopefully I can finally turn an old hobby into a new business with #GameDev from @Chartboost ? Jason Dziuk (@JasonDziukACE) January 30, 2015

It is critical to first determine your priorities and goals for your game. Is driving the highest number of installs your top priority? Or is monetizing your game quickly more important? Depending on your focus, I showed how to set priorities differently within your Chartboost dashboard so that you can optimize for success. And don't forget to target your campaigns effectively using filters!

How to focus on growth with @Chartboost ads #GameDev pic.twitter.com/vz0Ud5UehH? scott moakes (@moakesy) January 30, 2015
#gamedev @chartboost providing multiple ways to filter metrics for effective ads. pic.twitter.com/uMNNYmFrE5 ? Keyboard Solomon (@KeyboardSolomon) January 30, 2015

There was lots of interest in how Chartboost lets developers sell inventory directly to other game developers or buy installs directly in its Direct-Deals marketplace.

So you can connect "developer to developer" on @Chartboost - if you are a #gamedev? Joe Wilson (@joewilsondallas) January 30, 2015
Get 20,000 boot ups in an app for a day you're eligible for direct deals. Need to check the @Chartboost direct deals dashboard #GameDev ? scott moakes (@moakesy) January 30, 2015
#gamedev @Chartboost Allowing devs to work together with one another, for a transparent experience? Keyboard Solomon (@KeyboardSolomon) January 30, 2015

We also talked about how to use Chartboost's mobile game analytics to optimize your campaigns. Our goal is to empower you with analytics and data such as our monthly CPIs on the Chartboost Insights page, plus the Chartboost PowerUp report which is loaded with analytics. You can check out the full slideshare that I presented here:

Campaigning for Success - A Monetization & Advertising Primer from Chartboost

Thanks Dallas mobile game developers! It was fun to hear about your games and what you've got coming out next. I'm off to Houston next...

Thanks @Chartboost for the #gamedev meetup tonight. I met a couple people to do direct deals with. ? Doug Harper (@endodoug) January 30, 2015